A: Is Mary very sick? B: I’m afraid so.

I _______ apply for the job, but I havent decided yet.

Bob owed lots of money to the man, _______company went bankrupt.

The guard has been asked to_______the door, but so far the door is still closed.

Mr Green _______a good teacher.

He _______ working before 6 o’clock.

The balcony _______.

_______I hated most was the difficulties in the work in my early career, but now I like them.

In order to communicate with foreigners, we_______foreign language.

The employment rate has gone up, _______many graduates think it hard to find appropriate jobs.

You are better at carrying out decision than _______plans.

You look _______. Did you have a rest all night?

_______ he knew it was just a joke, _______Peter looked frightened.

They haven’t had the broken desk_______ yet.

She prefers_______ together to working all by herself.

I set a special account at the bank because _______ pay my tuition by myself.

I’m writing to you from London in a new flat. I _______ here since 2005.

I can’t put up _______him because he is always making mistakes.

Inflation fell _______2% between 2000 and 2010.

The comsumption index increases_______6% in 2015 _______8% in 2017.

Linda_______her husband a wallet before her husband bought her a watch.

The child keeps _______ for her mother outside during the meeting.

Employment _______ in the past two years.

I’m afraid he _______find the key to this problem.

We will fly to Guilin, _______ we plan to stay for one week.

Has he _______ the chair _______ yet?

The furniture has broken for some days, and it _______ .